Cost-effective and confidential editorial support

Very few managers or leaders in education have formal writing or editing training, yet they are expected to produce eloquent, grammatically perfect prose to inspire their staff, students and community. Knowing what you want to say is one thing but knowing how to craft that message in a clear and engaging manner is another skill entirely. You might not know where to start, you might not have the time to labour over every word, or you might not want to telegraph your writing shortcomings to your staff by asking them to give feedback on your drafts. Consider a discreet, professional, supportive collaborator to shape your ideas into polished pieces: a ghost-editor.

A fresh set of 'outsider eyes'

Even if you're a confident writer, or have a team of English teachers who are prepared to act as your editors, the demands of your job and the busy nature of everyone's day can lead to unfortunate errors making it through your in-house checks and balances. To complicate this, your in-house advisors are still your staff; they're viewing your writing as insiders and, because they are your most trusted colleagues, they probably agree with your sentiments already. I can help you to iron out any phrases or expressions that might be misinterpreted by the general public. I have years of experience in communications roles in educational institutions and, let's be honest, there can be a fine line between a great PR story and generating front-page outrage.

As your ghost-editor, my agenda is simple: I want to make you look great.